The Thermocart was designed specifically for the hot-holding and transport of food for Correctional Services and hospital installations.  It is suitable for either bulk feeding (capacity approximately 120 people) or individual food trays & lids (capacity 48 trays).


  • Modular, insulated construction with separate and removable wheel-base
  • Insulated body is manufactured in single-piece rotationally moulded polyethylene with two insulated doors, one on either side.
  • Doors to open 270degrees for ease of access, each door is provided with two tamper-resistant stainless steel door clamps bolted into main body of trolley.
  • Body to have extended edge to form bumpers for body protection and two handles for manoeuvering trolley.
  • Wheel-base to be manufactured in single piece rotationally moulded polyethylene (or galvanized mild-steel angle frame) and fitted with six heavy-duty castors having brakes on both sides on swivel castors and middle two castors fixed.
  • For bulk feeding, the Thermocarts must each include two stainless steel internal racks, each to accommodate 4 * 150mm. deep Gn. Pans and lids (capacity for about 120 people) or alternatively, for pre-plated meals, the Thermocart can accommodate 48 AAC trays with lids.
  • Push-handles to be moulded into both ends of the trolley
  • Insulated beverage container can be accommodated on top of trolley body.

Optional extras include moulded cutlery top, internal stainless racks for bulk feeding, Gn. Pans and feeding trays with lids and insulated beverage container for liquids.


650mm. wide  x  1300mm. long  x  1125mm.high,  weight 60Kgs.