CONVOTHERM Combi-Steamer Ovens

German engineering at it’s best. The Convotherm range of Combi-Steamers offers up-to-date technology with their Easy Touch or Easy Dial control panel options. Cooking results are surpassed with evening baking, roasting and steaming. The versatility, reliability and sophistication of the Convotherm Oven is what makes this brand one of the world leaders in Combi-Steamer technology.

Convotherm offers unique features such as the Advanced Closed System Plus (ACS+) this technology delivers even cooking results due to perfect steam saturation and control of the air input and output directly to the cooking chamber.  This constant chamber environment enables Convotherm to cook mixed loads with no flavor transfers as well cook at lower temperatures resulting in energy and water saving while producing superior quality products. In addition to ACS+, the Easytouch model offers “eco-cooking’’ which can save up to 25% energy.

The Convotherm factory boasts a 100% green manufacturing process and are committed to preserving resources.  In recognition to Convotherm and their sustainability philosophy, Convotherm have received a number of international accolades which include the 2016 FootPrint Award, Green Good Design Award 2016, Winners of the German design award 2016 as well as the 2016 German brand award to name but a few.   Convotherm Combi steamers are Energy Star certified.

Our Convotherm offers HACCP compliance and with the USB interface, updating software and/or menu changes are made simple.  As an option, we are able to offer the space saving disappearing door.

L4All models are available in electric or gas

Convotherm 4Sizes on offer
Table model 6 pan
Table model Easy Dial10 pan
Table model 20 pan
Floor model 20 pan
Floor model 24 pan
Floor model 40 pan

Mini units also available for smaller establishments

Capdan and Allied is an authorised distributor of Convotherm ovens.

We have a full training/demonstration kitchen at our premises in Benoni.  Feel free to contact us to book a live cooking demonstration.

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