capdan-sauce-pot-250l-_-450l-no-lidThe unit is a cooker-mixer consisting of a stainless steel boiling pot mounted on box type legs with bolt down adjustable feet. A inclined mixing apparatus is mounted to the side of the pot by means of a stainless steel bracket. The mixer unit is hinged and counter balanced for easy lifting and lowering into the pot. The mixer unit carries a variable speed electric gearbox that drives a
main mixer/scraper fitted with thermoplastic scrapers. The speed of the mixers is controlled by means of a speed control toggle switch on the control box on the side of the pot. The main mixer speed varies from approximately 19 - 46rpm. The pot is hemispherical shaped and the steam jacket inner is manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel and the outter jacket in grade 304 stainless steel. The pot has a reinforced rim with a welded-on, trough-shaped pouring lip and about 60% of the pot height is jacketed. The exterior of the pot is mirror polished and satin finished on the interior surfaces achieved by polishing with successive grits.

A chrome water supply valve is fitted as standard to the front of the main pedestal.  The pedestal houses the electric controls with easy access to the electric components via a side panel.

Our safety features for electric pots include a shunt trip mechanism, two pressure switches and a tamper proof safety valve (also fitted to our direct steam pots).  The pot has been designed and constructed generally in accordance with PD5500 code:  Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels and conforms to the requirements of the “Pressure Equipment Regulations, No. R. 734 2009” of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act No. 85 of 1993).  The pot is categorized and classified in terms of Figure 1, Graph for vessels – Dangerous gasses of SANS 347:2010 as a Hazard Category I.  A certificate of conformity will be supplied with the equipment from the manufacturer.

Capdan pots are all factory tested prior to leaving our premises.

capdan-sauce-pot-250l-_-450l-with-lidOur Sauce pots are available in four standard models;

Please note that all models are available with or without lid.

SP250E - Sauce Pot 250 litre - Self generating steam unit - electrically heated - 25kW, 40 A/Phase @ 400V & 50Hz

SP250S - Sauce Pot 250 litre - Direct steam unit - boiler required - Average steam consumption of 55kg/h.

SP450E - Sauce Pot 450 litre - Self generating steam unit - electrically heated - 50kW, 76A/Phase @ 400V, 50Hz

SP450S - Sauce Pot 450 litre - Self generating steam unit - direct steam - boiler required - Average steam consumption of 80kg/h.

Important Information:

  • Capdan pots are proudly manufactured in South Africa - as such should you require additions to our equipment i.e. controllers, probes etc. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.
  • The outlet of the pot can be changed to suit your needs, i.e. position of the outlet, outlet height and type of outlet (standard ball valve / mushroom valve).
  • All safety devices to be serviced and calibrated at least twice a year
  • All electrical cooking pots to be serviced at least four times a year (refill jacket, inspect scrapers, grease bearings refill tilting water tank, functional boiling test, etc)
  • Special designed vessels with higher temperatures and higher design pressures are available upon request.