Other Cooking Equipment

Our product portfolio includes a range of general Catering Equipment to the Hospitality Industry.  If the item you require is not listed, please feel free to make an enquiry.  With our wealth of Equipment knowledge gathered over the years we are sure we can assist.

Other Cooking Equipment

cooking-equip-general-industrial-stoveElectric Industrial range consisting of 3 solid plates and a 145 litre capacity Oven.  Each plate is manufactured of 16mm thick boiler plate measuring 635x330mm with a 2kW rating per plate.  Each plate is operated via a three heat switch.   The thermostatically controlled oven temperatures range from 50 - 300 degrees celcius and is rated at 12kW.  The oven offers 3 pairs of runners and comes complete with two grid shelves.  The drop down door is counter balanced and insulated.

Total electrical loading of 18Kw.

External dimensions of 1000x850x900mm high

The range can be ordered without oven.

We are able to offer both straight-line and staggered boiling tables.  The straight line boiling table is lower in height and is therefore ideal for use with large stock pots whereas the staggered boiling table is suitable for your casserole type pots.


1BBT - 1 Burner Boiling Table 500 x 500 x 720
2BBT - 2 Burner Boiling Table 900 x 500 x 720
3BBT - 3 Burner Boiling Table 1300 x 500 x 720
4BBT - 4 Burner Boiling Table 1700 x 500 x 720
5BBT - 5 Burner Boiling Table 2100 x 500 x 720
6BBT - 6 Burner Boiling Table 2599 x 500 x 720

Also available in High Pressure and optional stainless steel.


2BST - 2 Burner Staggered Boiling Table 500 x 660 x 900
4BBT - 4 Burner Staggered Boiling Table 9100 x 660 x 900
6BBT - 6 Burner Staggered Boiling Table 1330 x 660 x 900
8BBT - 8 Burner Staggered Boiling Table 1749 x 660 x 900

Also available in stainless steel

grillerWe are able to offer a wide range of grillers.  From table top units to the larger floor standing grillers.  They are available in either electric or gas options.  Please discuss your requirements with us to establish whether a flat top griller, ribbed griller or open "radiant" heat burner griller is what you need.


FTG10 - Frytop Griddle with smooth or ribbed surface (or combination thereof).  Measuring 915x735x910mm high.  Griddle surface measuring 910x590mm.   Heavy duty construction of grade 430 stainless steel, with a 16mm griddle plate.  Electric or gas.

BFMG - Basic open burner floor model gas grillers mounted on frame with drip tray.  Sizes range from a 3 burner upto a 16 burner.  Also available with a wider grilling surface of 880mm vs 660mm on the standard unit.


grillerANVIL - For lighter workloads, we are able to offer a 400 and 600mm wide electric or gas table model griller as well as a 600mm wide combination griller.

A range of radiant gas grillers are also available

fryerFrom small to large workloads, we are able to offer a fryer suitable for all facilities.

The fryer range starts from a small 1 x 5litre table top unit able to fry approximately 4kg's of french fries per hour to the largest model being a 2 x 20 litre fryer able to produce upto 80kg's of french fries per hour.

Popular Floor Models;

Stainless steel construction with large surge area with effective cold zone.  Thermostatically controlled from 50 - 190 degrees celcius.  Fitted with a 40mm diameter drain for fast and effective draining into the supplied oil drain tank.  Fryers to be supplied standard with one set of baskets.

2 x 10litre fryer, dimensions of 510x660x1000mm. Electrical loading of 2 x 8.25kW.

1 x 20 litre fryer, dimensions of 510x660x1000mm.  Electrical loading of 16.5kW.

2 x 20 litre fryer, dimensions of 1012x660x1000mm.  Electrical loading of 2 x 16.5kW.

If our 2 x 20 litre fryer is too small for your application, check out our Continuous Fryer click HERE.