LBK Portion Weighing Scales

prep equip - general - portion scaleLBK scales offer quick and easy weighing right out of the box. The low profile design is compact and with a rechargeable battery these scales to be used where you need them. Simple to use with only 5 keys, which are colour coded to highlight the most used keys for faster operation. Basic weighing tasks are quick and easy with the LBK weighing scales. And with percentage weighing, basic parts counting and 5 weighing units the LBK can also be used for more complex weighing functions if needed.

The LBK range comes standard with a 250 x 180mm stainless steel pan and is available in 4 different models:

LBK3 - with a capacity of upto 3kg and a 0.5g readability

LBK6 - with a capacity of upto 6kg and a 1g readability

LBK12 - with a capacity of upto 12kg and a 2g readability

LBK30 - with a a capacity of upto 30kg and a 5g readability

All models are 240V, have a seven digit green LCD display and have overall dimensions of 250 x 307 x 110mm.


CNP Floor Platform Scales

scale-cnp-platformThe CNP platform scale comes with the CN Indicator is a simple easy to use indicator. It has weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing and check weighing. The hold function allows a weight to be held on the display even if the weight has been removed. The rechargeable battery and mains power make it a portable scale that can be used in remote areas. The large red LED display makes viewing easier even in poor lighting conditions. Welded steel base with stainless steel top pan measuring 500 x 400mm. The CNP range offers 3 models;

CNP60 - with a capacity of upto 60kg and a 5g readability

CNP150 - with a capacity of upto 150kg and a 10g readability

CNP300 - with a capacity of upto 300kg and a 20g readability

These robust Platform scales are purposely designed for industrial/catering applications.