L2aMixing, kneading, whipping and beating, the Spar Range of Planetary Food Mixers will ease the burden in any kitchen.

Equipped with removable interlocking safety guard, front mounted controls consisting of a separate start/emergency stop button, a 15 minute timer and attachment hub, operation is made simple and safe.

prep equip - spar mixers - 60 litreSpar Mixers have powerful gear-driven motors, are rugged in construction and offer 3 speeds. They are suitable for processing egg whites, batters, doughs, creams, mashed potato and more.  Each machine is supplied standard with a whisk, flat beater and dough hook.  The larger 60 and 80 litre come complete with a bowl trolley.  Optional Mincer attachment and Vegetable attachment are available upon request.

Sizes Available:
10 litre - 460x450x760mm high - 1/3HP, 220V
20 litre - 530x520x870mm high - 1/2HP, 220V
30 litre - 670x550x1170mm high - 1.0HP, 380V
40 litre - 750x650x1310mm high - 1.5HP, 380V
60 litre - 780x650x1310mm high - 3HP, 380V
80 litre - 1080x790x1560mm high - 3HP, 380V