special-potWith our team of dedicated Engineers and Draftsman we are able to design, manufacture and supply bespoke processing equipment for the Food Manufacturing / Beverage and Confectionery Industries.

Mayonnaise plants, Wine/Beverage equipment and Holding Tanks are among some of the Specialized and customisable products we manufacture.

Our capabilities are not limited to the below list of equipment, please contact us with your specific requirements to see how we can assist.


mayo-plantStainless steel mixing and oil tank with pump for production of mayonnaise. Ingredients are mixed through the mixing tank by means of a high shear pump.


● Stainless steel frame on wheels
● Mixing tank with conical outlet
● Oil venturie fed into circulation

We are able to manufacture various sizes and configurations.  Our Mayonnaise Plants are also available as Vacuum Plants.

transfer-vesselsDesigned for transferring of cooked products from Capdan Kettles to Packaging / Portioning lines.  Available in various sizes and configurations.

500l-holding-tankAs a local manufacturer, we are able to design, manufacture and install various size holding tanks to meet your unique needs.  We are able to manufacture from as little as a 50 litre upto and including 1000 litres.

Manufactured with either a 304 or 316 stainless steel inner.  With or without agitator arm.  We will configure the Holding Tank to your specific and individual requirements - contact us for more information.

chocolate-potWe not only specialize in food production, but are able to assist with specialized solutions for the Confectionary Industry.

Whether you require a chocolate melting pot, a fudge cooking and cooling solution, a syrup pot, cooling tables, toffee / fudge cutting machines with teflon coated blades we will design and manufacture a solution for you.

Contact us for more information.


tomato-sauce-plantJams and Sauces are extremely popular products in our local market place.  To this end we are able to design and manufacture Jam and Sauce Solutions to meet your needs.  From small 20 litre units for Home Industry to large scale production facilities with requirements of >1000litres, we will provide a solution for you.

Our Steam Jacketed Capdan kettle would form the base of these solutions.  Available as direct steam or self generating steam units.  Our sauce pots are manufactured with grade 316 s/s inner especially for those highly acidic based sauces of chilli, tomato etc.  For our Jam pots, we highly recommend core temperature probes and controllers to ensure optimal product temperature readings.  Whether you require inline homogenisers or high sheer mixers, holding tanks or transfer vessels - we are able to custom build your solution.

Vibration/Sorting tables used to transport food produce while shaking off unwanted materials (Manually Removable).


  •  3m or 1.5m tables
  • Perforated staggered slots in table
  •  Drop Down Nylon wheels for easy moving
  • Two three phase vibration motors





  • Manholes fittted to wine and beverage tanks for access inside the vessel.
  • All lids are sealed with a gasket and swing bolts. Manholes
  • Available sizes from Ø400, Ø900, Ø1000 and Ø1200.
  • Ø200 Chimney – Lid, Bracket and Neck
  • C5 Lid Assembly
  • Oval Swivel Door Assembly


Mashcooler configuration specific to client. Can be mounted against wall or on wheels. The length and number of pipes is customized to specifications.



guage-boardsGAUGE BOARDS
Gauge boards used on tanks for fitment of gauges. The board can be manufactured to any length without joints or welding, with or without plastic clips to hold tube.





Sample tap fitted to tanks for extracting of liquid samples from tanks. Available with ½” BSP thread or with NW20 female union custom made taps available on request.

Guage tap fitted to tanks for extracting of liquid sample from tank as well as liquid tank level with fitment of perspex tube (Ø12 or Ø19). Available with ½” BSP thread or with NW20 female union custom made taps available on request.



We would like to offer our local services to you for your local beer making - contact us to see what we can brew up together.

fryerCAPSTAR 100

The CAPSTAR 100 fryer is a continuous, bulk deep fryer employing a variable speed conveyor carrying   the  product to be fried through a thermostatically controlled oilbath.  The unit is easy to operate and the drive for the conveyor allows an infinitely adjustable speed setting, to a minimum frying time of  about 30 seconds. The conveyor is powered by a drive unit incorporating a 1.5 kW geared-motor coupled to a hydrostatic drive variator.  The conveyor is easy to clean as it can be manually raised above the oilbath by means of counterbalanced gas-springs mounted within each of the four legs of the unit.  The conveyor itself consists of two chains carrying slats of stainless steel, with every fourth slat designed as a pusher slat to ensure smooth passage of the product through the oilbath.  The conveyor is inclined both at the inlet end and the outlet end so that the product is not immersed when handling before and after frying.

The oilbath has capacity for approximately 140 litres of oil that is heated to the required temperature by means of two banks of immersion heating elements giving a total output of 42 kW.  Temperature is set and maintained by a TCL temperature controller adjustable between 100°C and 200°C.  In addition, the CAPSTAR 100 is also equipped with a safety, high-limit temperature controller factory-set to cut-off heating at a temperature above 200°C (cooking oil may become combustible above 210°C).  Each temperature controller is coupled to an independent accurate thermocouple in direct contact with the oilbath.

The entire unit is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and the oilbath is provided with removable double lids to contain oil spray, but permitting process vapours to escape.  The oilbath can be drained by means of two outlet valves, located underneath the oilbath near the centre.  All electrics are complete in the unit and the electrical control box is situated at low level beneath the drive and cladded to help prevent oil vapours from clogging the controls.  A 3 phase power supply is required to operate the fryer.


Power Requirements:                    3x380 V AC + N + E; max. 44 kW

Recommended Cable Size:           16 mm², 4 core, armoured PVC

Conveyor Width:                          218mm

Conveyor Immersed Length:        2040mm (up to about 2250mm, depending on oil level)

Oilbath Capacity:                          approx. 140 litres

An Optional top conveyor can be fitted for products that are buoyant during the frying process.

pressure-cookerOur self contained Industrial Pressure Cookers are unique to the market.  For fast production we are able to offer Self Generating Steam Pressure Cookers in various sizes - starting from 80 Litres.

Designed specifically to your requirements.

vacuum-cookerOur Vacuum Vessels are extremely versatile.  You can use opening cooking, vacuum cooking or pressurized cooking methods.

Advantages of cooking under Vacuum would be that boiling point of water is reached at 60 dgrees celcius under a -180kPa gauge pressure.  This is ideal for processing of jams which results in a rich, light colour.


basinHygiene is critical for any Food Processing Facility.  To this end Capdan are able to offer foot operated wash hand basins.

Ranging from a single person basin up to a six person basin.  Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, the unit comes fitted with ISCA shower arms and a standard 40mm outlet.